Author - Radio Personality - Success Coach Jerold Jackson

Author of the long-awaited book “Don’t Date Ghetto Women”

A Guide to Overcoming Your Broke-Ass Mentality (BAM)

There is a direct link between our environment—which includes the people we date—and our success in life. You can call it a “ghetto” mindset or a poverty mindset—whatever you’re comfortable with. But there is no doubt that mindset can make or break you. A broke-ass mentality or (BAM) is responsible for your failures in life. YES, Whom you date or marry matters a great deal. In this book, I’m going to lay out everything I’ve learned about BAM. I’ll be using examples from my coaching cases to illustrate the points and also a lot of firsthand knowledge. I’m going to teach you how to plan and map out what you want to do in life, and execute it—with the right type of partner by your side. We’ll talk about how to change your mentality, as a woman and as a man, because both genders have these problems. And finally, I’m going to share with you some secrets of the mentality that wealthy and successful people have, so that you can learn to emulate them.

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