Author - Radio Personality - Success Coach Jerold Jackson

Author of the long-awaited book: Why He Won’t Commit to You:

A Guide to Overcoming a Broke Mentality and Getting the Relationship You Want

The reason for this book was because I started noticing that many of my coaching clients were in the wrong environment for success. They were dating the wrong people—people with a broke-ass mentality. That was what was slowing them down.

This book is just the beginning of your new journey, don’t be afraid of anybody’s judgments of you. The decisions you make are your own. You have to know what you want—you want a husband. And don’t be afraid to say it. Otherwise, you’ll get caught up in someone else’s game, and you don’t want people playing games with you, especially not men. You don’t want someone writing the script for what your life is supposed to be, infecting you with their negative mindset, or giving you bad advice. You are in control of your own life, and everything is possible, including finding someone who will commit to you. You have that power. So many people have tried to take your power away from you. I’m telling you it’s time to take it back.

wealthy and successful people have, so that you can learn to emulate them.

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